At VASA we specialise in Organisation and People Development.  Energised, engaged individuals and teams are an organisation's competitive edge.  Old ways of working are just that - old ways!  Today's businesses have to radically change and adapt to meet the growing demands of customers, with scarce resources: doing more with less.

Are your people ready, willing and raring to go?  Are they proactive when it comes to meeting the challenges of social media or providing exceptional customer service?  Are they constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to overcome the day to day stresses of working in a tough economic climate?

At VASA our passion is your people.  We offer unique ways to help your people be the best they can be; inspiring, motivating and building the confidence to leap out of their comfort zone and take your organisation to the next level.


Vicky and I worked together to design and deliver communications training for team managers. Vicky created an innovative workshop which engaged managers to take more accountability for ensuring that their teams had the required information to do their jobs effectively and to create more of a two-way process where employees could feed in ideas for service improvements. Following the training there was greater engagement with the changes supporting the programme to achieve its targets.

K O'Halloran Senior L&D Consultant, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea