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Reflections from Dilts Workshop in Vienna - Part 2

Here's part two of my journey to Vienna to attend a workshop on Creative Leadership and Collective Intelligence, run by Robert Dilts - international trainer, speaker and NLP guru.  This article is a mixture of my notes from the workshop, my own ma...

Reflections from Dilts Workshop in Vienna - Part 1

Reflections from Creative Leadership & Collective Intelligence Workshop Venice February 2013

Part One

This blog is a mixture of my notes from the workshop, my own material and material that I use as part of my work.  The bulk of the blog are the...

How does a big business get innovative?

I'm working with a global pharma at the moment who have an agenda around 'entrepreneurialism'.  It's a big ask.  Global heads get together for a couple of weeks at a time, discussing what it means, how to do it - and then coming up with processes ...

Spring Newsletter Page 1

Hello everyone.  Here's our latest newsletter.  We hope you enjoy.  If you have any thoughts or feedback, or would like to be included in the next edition, please get in touch.

Spring Newsletter Page 2

Page 2 - enjoy!

New Year Newsletter Page 1

Happy New Year!  Here's our first 2013 newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the read.

Newsletter Page 2

Here's page 2 of our New Year Newsletter - enjoy!

NLP Conference November 2012

Here's Vicky speaking at the NLP Conference in London this year.  Her presentation was aimed at helping those offering NLP as their profession to niche their business, particularly through the use of Social Media.  This is a short clip from her pr...

Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs

6 Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Paul Polman of Unilever

by Bushra AzharMay 20, 2012

Will it be awfully clichéd if I start this post with a done-to-death movie dialogue? I guess it would be but I can’t think of a better statem...

Summer Newsletter Page 1

Here's our Summer edition of the VASA newsletter.  It's a little later than anticipated, so apologies.  We hope you enjoy the read.  Please comment and feel free to feedback with any suggestions and improvements.

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