It takes bold, edgy leadership to thrive in today's economic climate.  The ability to implement strategy in a way that motivates and inspires others requires leaders with exceptional interpersonal skills, self awarness, flexibility and pragmatism.

At VASA we create bespoke Leadership Development programmes that will raise the bar of strategic thinking and take leaders out of their comfort zone.  By pushing boundaries and stretching intellectual capacity, leaders emerge with new levels of confidence; driving forward with vigour, passion and innovation.

No longer can you afford to 'carry' mediocrity with your 'leaders' pacing themselves for a long slog.  Today leaders need to be 'fit for purpose': able to deal with chaos, competent to lead change and courageous enough to take risks.  We offer programmes to develop dynamic, inspiring, creative leaders; resilient enough for the challenges of ever increasing demands and expectations.

We also offer a bespoke CV critiquing service to ensure you get a foot through the door to your next leadership challenge.

EQi Leadership Brochure

To see how leaders can benefit from developing their emotional intelligence, take a look at what some of the worlds great leaders are saying, by clicking on the pdf button and downloading the EQi Leadership Flyer.


Here's what one of our European CEO clients said about an event in Budapest where one of our Associate Consultants, Vicky Smith, was the Keynote Speaker to 80 business leaders: “We recently organized an all staff meeting which included some presentations on the 5 year strategy and Customer Relationship Management, as the audience was multi-cultural and multi-disciplined. I was very keen that this event included some substantial training in terms of behavioral and performance issues. Having worked with Livewire a number of times in the past, I was delighted that Vicky Smith was available, never have I seen such a large group of people totally engaged in the training and key messages about individual performance that Vicky was giving. The day was a complete success and Livewire played a major part in that success”

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