Executive Coaching

Your key talent are your future.  Retaining your best people requires a high degree of thought for their development.  No longer are your 'stars' prepared to sit and wait for an opportunity to come their way.  They are proactive, dynamic and always on the lookout for their next move.  It's what makes them your key talent.

Their development requires specialist attention.  Bespoke solutions in the form of Executive Coaching provides an individual tailored approach to the development of your key talent.  An intense, focussed, one-to-one development programme can ensure the best use of resources, pinpointing specific actions, offering direct feedback and challenging attitudes, knowledge and behaviour.  We also offer a bespoke CV critiquing process to help you springboard into your next role.

As an accredited Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQi) and Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provider/assessor, we are able to use the most cutting-edge tools when it comes to your self awareness and growth.  Being able emotionally intelligent is one of the most important skills any leader can develop and unlike your IQ, you can keep on developing your ability to be in-tune with others, building effective professional relationships.  Understanding your behavioural work preferences and how these may alter under pressure is the starting point to learning how to adapt your work and communication style to achieve outstanding results.

VASA has a proven track record in highly successful Executive Coaching at very senior levels in complex co-located, multi-cultural organisations.  Take a look at our Testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

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EQi Information Sheet

For more information on our EQi Tools, please click on the pdf button to download the information sheet, or contact us to discuss in more detail.

2013 Executive Coaching Programme Offer

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PPA Information Sheet

If you want to know what PPA is and how it can help you, as well as a little bit more about how the DiSC model can help you, please click on the pdf button to download the information sheet.


I am following a Business Management and Marketing Degree at Canterbury Christ Church University and though the modules I undertake are interesting and useful, I strongly felt I needed extra experience and knowledge to shape myself for the business world. As a result the Leadership course provided by Vicky Smith had a major impact on my vision upon the business milieu. I felt that the information and knowledge shared with us helped me improve my understanding on Leadership from a new angle, an angle needed for my future career. Additionally, I feel that in order to be a successful future professional in my field I require strong leadership skills and through this course I was able to enhance these skills with the help of the tools and high quality materials provided. Furthermore, the speaker highly encouraged communication and gave us valuable feedback that I feel aid towards the learning process. I was highly satisfied with this course and I would recommend it to everybody.

C Rapeanu Canterbury Christ Church University