P Rajani, Team Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals

Vicky is a fantastic listener and will tailor-make a personalised programme dedicated to your individual needs. Vicky is very professional with a high work ethic & focus on delivering results. Vicky is also very versatile and uses different techniques depending on the subject matter. Even when the programme was finished, Vicky cared enough to remain in contact & provide me with additional information I requested which demonstrates her passion for what she does. I would definitely recommend Vicky to my colleagues & peers.

D House, Senior Scientific Investigator, Respiratory Therapy Area, GlaxoSmithKline

I found Vicky to be an excellent coach; very able to adapt her style and approach to suit the individual needs of her client, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others. Not only did Vicky’s coaching provide me with some new leadership tools it also challenged me to explore new horizons. I also have experience of working with Vicky in a large team setting to host a full day summit. Vicky facilitated this event with great skill and helped the team to achieve the goals we had set out. I look forward to working with Vicky again in the future.

S Ryan, Global Client Marketing Manager, Aviva

Vicky took me on an amazing journey of self discovery based on NLP that I always be grateful for. I can hardly believe some the values and behaviours I held dear at the start of the process compared to today. Vicky’s approach ensured I took the most from every day we spent learning, ensuring every experience was productive and positive. I recommend Vicky to anyone in corporate life that feels stuck, is looking for the way out or just wants to learn to deal with it better.

A Page, Director, PH Accountancy

I saw a short presentation that Vicky gave and was so impressed that I booked her for a days workshop for myself and several clients. The results were just fantastic, it gave us new ways to view and deal with things that had never entered our minds. The whole session was well planned and delivery was superb.

A Lamoon, Livewire Performance Consultants

Here's what one of our European CEO clients said about an event in Budapest where one of our Associate Consultants, Vicky Smith, was the Keynote Speaker to 80 business leaders:

“We recently organized an all staff meeting which included some presentations on the 5 year strategy and Customer Relationship Management, as the audience was multi-cultural and multi-disciplined. I was very keen that this event included some substantial training in terms of behavioral and performance issues. Having worked with Livewire a number of times in the past, I was delighted that Vicky Smith was available, never have I seen such a large group of people totally engaged in the training and key messages about individual performance that Vicky was giving. The day was a complete success and Livewire played a major part in that success”

W Van Vuuren, Director Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Canterbury Christ Church University

Vicky provided a very inspiring and insightful session on leadership and change management during this year's Entrepreneurship Skills Clinic. The session was delivered in a very motivational way and was very well received by the students.

C Rapeanu, Canterbury Christ Church University

I am following a Business Management and Marketing Degree at Canterbury Christ Church University and though the modules I undertake are interesting and useful, I strongly felt I needed extra experience and knowledge to shape myself for the business world.

As a result the Leadership course provided by Vicky Smith had a major impact on my vision upon the business milieu. I felt that the information and knowledge shared with us helped me improve my understanding on Leadership from a new angle, an angle needed for my future career. Additionally, I feel that in order to be a successful future professional in my field I require strong leadership skills and through this course I was able to enhance these skills with the help of the tools and high quality materials provided.

Furthermore, the speaker highly encouraged communication and gave us valuable feedback that I feel aid towards the learning process. I was highly satisfied with this course and I would recommend it to everybody.

M Bain, Senior Scientific Advisor, GlaxoSmithKline

Vicky was a fantastic trainer, and delivered a highly engaging, enjoyable, eye-opening and applicable course that has left me wanting to find out more. I have already recommended it to several people.

B Woolven, GSK Liaison Officer, GlaxoSmithKline

I can wholly recommend VASA for both individual and organisational change work. Recently completed their NLP practitioner course and its been hugely powerful, changing my whole perspective on my life and my career...for the better!

P Downs, Health & Wellbeing Advisor, Unilever

I recently attended an NLP Practitioner course run by VASA and engaged them to deliver several UK based training sessions. I can say that VASA will meet clients/companys expectations and deliver agreed services with the higest commitment.

Field Sales Team Member, Taunton, GlaxoSmithKline

The Personal Resilience course was excellently delivered , extremely professional & totally involving. It had tactical top tips which can be simplified into real life. It was felt a very supportive & encouraging environment for open discussion & fun too! I would like to thank Vicky so much for an inspiring day & yet a real person delivering it that made common sense. I am glad I attended the day as it was a course well worth recommending. Can you send on my regards to Vicky & say a big thanks and appreciation.

K O'Halloran, Senior L&D Consultant, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Vicky and I worked together to design and deliver communications training for team managers. Vicky created an innovative workshop which engaged managers to take more accountability for ensuring that their teams had the required information to do their jobs effectively and to create more of a two-way process where employees could feed in ideas for service improvements. Following the training there was greater engagement with the changes supporting the programme to achieve its targets.

P Simpson, Employee Communications Manager, Sony Europe

On every occasion, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vicky and found her to be incredibly supportive. Working with Vicky is a collaborative experience and she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to a project.

P d'Arbonneau, VP & Finance Director, Western Europe, GlaxoSmithKline

Vicky (Senior Consultant at VASA) is a fantastic person to work with. She is extremely engaging, is a great relationships-builder and really customises her services to fit customers' needs. She did a 'personal resilience' workshop for my team ; the feedback was terrific and we saw almost immediate benefits. I strongly recommend Vicky!

C Jordan, Regional Leader at 4Networking

Very professional, never fazed, Vicky (Senior Consultant at VASA) quite simply delivers. No fuss, no drama, just quality on time, every time. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with this lady, if you get the opportunity, I recommend you do the same.

V Bertram, Health and Wellness Manager at Unilever

I have worked with VASA for several years. Firstly I attended many of their train the trainer workshops for a programme my team were delivering. As a delegate I found the trainer clear, understanding, full of energy and left me confident in my ability to run the workshop. My current role is to source and place external facilitators to run our workshops. I have used VASA several times. They are professional, punctual and cope well with any eventualities that seem to occur. We receive excellent feedback from their courses. They have the ability to adapt to all work environments and workforces and are able to deliver the courses that they need within the parameters they have been set. I would recommend VASA very highly.

D Wilson, Director and Head of Epi-Enzymes at GlaxoSmithKline

Vicky is an excellent personal coach and possesses great insight into the complexities of corporate life. Vicky is both pragmatic and creative and is readily able to provide successful solutions to the multi-dimensional challenges faced in the work place. A clear strength is her ability to correctly decipher complex behaviours and distil down problems to enable effective problem solving. Vicky’s coaching style is very engaging and she adapts her approach to maximise benefit to the individual. I have used Vicky on a number of occasions and have no hesitation in recommending her services as a personal coach.

G Thurgood, Health Support and Resilience Manager at GlaxoSmithKline

VASA are very skilled and knowledgable trainers, presenters and facilitators in the field of personal development, organisational resilience and leadership.

T Johnson, Director at 4Networking

VASA delivered a training the trainer exercise for our National Team: the trainer, Vicky, got the pace, culture and style of team straight away, delivered the most extrodianarily effective session to a very diverse group of people with total ease and confidence. As a result we are snapping up more of Vicky's valuable time fast. Thank you Vicky you are a true star.

S Redwood, Food Safety and Microbiology Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

I would recommend VASA to any company who requires external training. They offer exceptional training and I personally have benefitted from their skills.

E Hessel, VP and Head of the Refractory Respiratory Inflammation Discovery Performance Unit at GlaxoSmithKline

If you are seeking a professional coach, I can highly recommend Vicky Smith (Senior Consultant at VASA). Vicky has greatly helped in extending my management and leadership toolkit and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Vicky’s style is very perceptive and she is very resourceful in what she can offer. Vicky gets to the heart of the matter in a very positive, fast and fearless way. One of Vicky’s many strengths is that she is excellent at tailoring her approach to a person’s own learning style. Vicky is also a master practitioner and trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Her method of teaching makes NLP very realistic and applicable in both work and life situations.